The First Vancouver Fan Expo

So I went to the Vancouver Fan Expo, and it was ridiculous and awesome and everything that truly warms my heart about North American geek conventions. I got the chance to say hello to Marina Sirtis, and I watched my better half almost tear up when he met Stuart and Kathryn Immonen and got chatting about Mike Wieringo. Part of what I really love about this kind of con is that geek culture tends to be hidden, or contained to the Internet. Then, for one glorious weekend, in one special place, the geeks become the majority instead of the minority and celebrate all the impenetrable weirdness that is fandom, while the few regular folks who happen to be running the venue stand back and marvel at it all. It's like a small, surreal utopia, where everyone speaks the same language of memes and symbols and cultural metaphors, where clothing oneself in the costume of the cultural icons that speak most strongly to one's psyche is par for the course instead of an anomaly.

I love cons simply for the way you can meet the most interesting people. The commonality of the cultural language means you just talk freely, knowing that you will be understood. You lose that fear of being seen as a weirdo when everyone around you is clearly a weirdo, I guess. And I did get to meet and talk to some great people. I missed one, however - I like to talk to authors, obviously, and I just happened to wander by Alyx Dellamonica's table when she had stepped away for a moment.

This is bugging me because I know her books from somewhere, and damned if I can't figure out from where. I think I must have seen a review or something because the cover of Indigo Springs is very, very familiar. Anyway - I left my email address on her mailing list, and lo and behold, I've won myself a gift card for Starbucks! I'll be able to indulge my hot chocolate habit for a little while longer.

Anyway, Alyx has a new book out called Blue Magic, and I think both will have to go onto my reading list very soon. Hopefully I'll spot Alyx at another geeky convention at some point to say hello in person. I can't wait for the next Fan Expo in Vancouver, but in the meantime, I'll be over at the Vancouver Comic Art Festival in Yaletown in May and nerding it up like nothing else.

(I'm wondering if there's a convention for genre writers anywhere in Vancouver, and why haven't I heard about  it yet?)