And once again I am not surprised

Now, as we all know, being a woman on the Internet with an opinion is a dangerous thing. Woe betide the female who decides to voice their feelings on a particular nerdy subject without making it clear that they love said nerdy subject very much. See, of course, the shitstorm that Jennifer Hepler endured for having an opinion on games.

The year is 2012, and this idiocy still hasn't ended. Allow me to post these two samples for you.

From a review of The Avengers by Amy Nicholson:

Now that we've spent over a billion and a half dollars buying tickets to see Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. solo, we can get them in a multi-pack with Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow and Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye thrown in for kicks (or for historical accuracy, if you're a longer-term fan). Finally seeing the damned thing is a bit like standing around a cuckoo clock waiting for noon: you know what to expect, yet you're thrilled into smiling. The Avengers should dominate the May box office—it came, it chirped, it will conquer.

It's a good review, one that's well written and contains plenty of nuance. She does not slam the movie. She just makes a few points about how it could have been better, and ultimately gives it 3/5 stars.

Now, here's a few samples of the response:

See internet, this is what happens when you give your PA the change to write reviews because it's cheaper than hiring a proper male writer.

She asked her boyfriend what score she should give. Just stick to rom-coms, bitch.

Her boss/lover says it's better than having her make the coffee and answering phones and besides what else was she going to do with that creative writing degree daddy paid for?

I know the first bad review was gonna come from a woman.

I hope you die in a fire Amy. (from someone called ihateamy)

This what happens when you send a woman with Katherine Heigl posters on her bedroom walls to review a comic book movie.

Bitch what the fuck is wrong with you, I knew there would be bad reviews from some people but not from spiteful assholes who bash shit for attention.

This pathetic ***** will do anything to get some traffic for her shit little blog. Hope it paid off you stinking ****. Perhaps next time the guy who's **** you sucked to get the job will send someone who's actually capable of remembering a character's name for longer than two minutes.

wow, this stupid b**** thinks she's so clever posting comments supporting her from fake accounts.

Tell me, dear readers, if you think this level of vitriol is justified. Again, she just wrote her opinion - and frankly, I have ripped comic book movies a new one and never got this level of utter hatred. Yes, male reviewers get flak when they give something well-loved a bad review, but they do not get this kind of sexist bullshit. They don't get insinuations that they are sleeping with their boss, that they only got the job because they gave some one a blowjob, that their father paid for their degree.

They don't get belittled and dismissed like this, as if their opinion is worthless because they are worthless and good for nothing but being fucked by a man.

If you think sexism is dead and gone, you're a fool.

(Now, go read my reviews of Thor, Captain America, and Cowboys and Aliens. COME AT ME, BROS.)