So I wrote another thing

Cool, huh? I designed that cover too.

Emily Suess is a writer I know from her articles on Author Solutions being assholes. She runs an event called Writer's Week every year, and I offered to help out. So I wrote part of this story, Ten Mississippi, did the cover for it, and I'm doing another post on cover design on Friday on her blog.

It was a pretty interesting experience, doing a round robin story. Johann started it and we just sort of ran with it after that. Each writer got the parts that were written before, added their own piece, and passed it on. Emily edited it together and published it. It's all for charity too - all proceeds are going to support the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, so I really hope it does well.

I need to write up another post on Mass Effect 3, now that I've played the multiplayer to death and then some. So much to wrote, so little time...

Anyway go check out Ten Mississippi.