I am not often angry, but when I am...

Apparently some Republicans (and one Democrat) feel the need to express their displeasure that Ireland may legalize some form of abortion, because of an expert group that's presenting a report on a particular EU court case. Words cannot express the sheer arrogance of this.

“A concern has been expressed to us that the composition of the expert group seems predisposed to issue recommendations that infringe on the right to life, rather than a simple clarification."

“The absence of experts of known pro-life views and the presence of some of known pro-abortion views were especially noted.”

“It is our hope Ireland remains staunchly pro-life and continues to give this vital example in Europe and throughout the world. We offer our strong support to you in this effort.

You utter, utter bastards.

Do you know about the thousands of Irish women who travel to England every year to have an abortion just so our obnoxious government and church can pretend that Ireland is some pure, innocent state?

Where was your support when our economy was falling to pieces and people started to emigrate in droves? Did you make it easier for young Irish people to get American visas and live the American Dream you can't seem to shut up about?

When have you ever cared about us before this?!

Let me make this very clear, from one Irish woman to you, American men - nobody asked for your stupid fucking opinion. Your country still has the death penalty and you seem a-okay with thousands of your citizens dying for want of proper health insurance, and you dare spout this 'pro-life' bullshit at us? You don't give a flying shit about people once they've been born and need to be fed and housed and educated, and you dare dictate to us how we should look after our own?

You evil, twisted hypocrites.

Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of; you don't belong among decent people, and especially not among decent Americans.

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