The Nameless Knight

Book2 of the Daemonva Trilogy

“You can either be living cowards under the protection of Bastion and Caluness, or you can be dead fools who don’t accept help from anyone, but I will not allow you and your people to be turned into more meldlings that I have to kill!”
— Suzanna's rage

THE NAMELESS KNIGHT continues the story of Suzanna and her companions, as they battle the evil sorcerer Dariem and try to prevent another war between humanva and daemonva.

The forces of the Daeva-Ra have been routed, and the daemons of Halca have become a part of the underground city of Bastion. For many war-weary humanva and daemonva, the future is bright and happy.

But for the meldling Suzanna, there can be no peace. 

The sorcerer Dariem still works his evil magic, and scores of unstable meldlings are appearing all across the humanva realm. These twisted, violent creatures, created from a fusion gone wrong of a daemon or daeva with a human, attack with suicidal fury and kill everything in their path. 

It falls to her to stop him before his deranged army destroys the fragile peace between the survivors of the daemonva war. But the only clues to his whereabouts lie in the fragmented mind of a daeva meldling, wearing the armor of a knight.

Suzanna must follow the trail to Dariem wherever it leads. The nameless knight will show her the way - but only if he doesn't become an unstable beast first.


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